Bigfoot Audio Evidence Captured?! Bigfoot Beyond the Trail (Audio Analysis Video)


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This video serves as a crash course to alleged Sasquatch audio like vocalizations and so called “wood knocks” as well as an analysis of six audio incidents that have taken place across the United States as documented by the Bigfoot Beyond the Trail Crew. Analysis from Sasquatch audio researcher Chris Spencer provides an interesting insight into these incidents.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Fishing Clash Ad
02:05 Bigfoot Audio Crash Course
14:30 Rocky Mountain Incident, Colorado
18:54 Knock Incident, Southern Florida
23:56 Minerva Ohio Strange Sounds
29:33 Curious Knocks in the High Uintas, Utah
37:40 Mount Hood Oregon Vocalizations
46:03 The Bluff Creek Whoop
52:57 Outro
53:39 The Coastal Alaskan Sasquatch Teaser
54:09 Fishing Clash Outro

Watch the Bigfoot Beyond the Trail films referenced here:
1. Rocky Mountain Sasquatch:
2. The Sawgrass Skunk Ape:
3. The Monster of Minerva:
4. Sasquatch Valley:
5. Bigfoot Mountain:
6. Bigfoot at Bluff Creek:

Links to researchers & websites referenced:
1. Chris Spencer on YouTube:
2. Jonathan Easley of Western Bigfoot Society:
3. The Olympic Project website:
4. Monogahela AKA SasquatchBioacoustic:

Full Bigfoot Beyond the Trail episodes playlist:


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