Jennifer Lankford and Sherry Cook: COVID-19 in Oklahoma Oral History Project


Jennifer Lankford and Sherry Cook discuss their personal and work-related experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. As employees of the George J. Captain Library at the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma headquarters, they describe what it was like for the library to suddenly close to the public at the beginning of the pandemic and the ways they were able to meet the needs of tribal members while staying cautious and social distancing. Lankford and Cook also talk about how they were able to remain a strong team at work despite their differing political beliefs and views on the pandemic.

This interview was conducted as part of the COVID-19 in Oklahoma Oral History Project at the OSU Library. For more information on this interview or to view the transcript, visit To learn more about the collection or the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program, visit © Oklahoma State University

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