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+ If you’re new then, hi I’m •Jaylen draw_YT• or you can call me Jaylen. I post animation meme, gacha vids and others, check my about page for more info! Hope ya enjoy my channel :). +

~ FINALLY GOT THE THUMBNAIL TO WORK. anyways, i guess I should post more gacha vids so i can be more active here, so I’ll do that.

For context: When Carl was younger, an incident happened at a certain place that resulted to his dad’s death. Once he grew up, he decided to visit it again because he learned that there might be answers there to his questions about his parents’ deaths (yes, I might do his mom’s death soon)

welp, time to go back into hibernation, see ya guys in the next century- ~

•Apps used:
~Gacha Club {Characters}
~Ibis Paint X {Drawings and edits}
~CapCut {Effects}

•Characters in order of being shown in the video:
~Carl Henderson {Present}
~Carl Henderson {Past}
~William Henderson {Carl’s father}

•Other info:
~Time taken – About an hour or less
~Inspiration – none
~Original – Idk the originals in gacha memes, sorry

Oh, right, i have a wattpad book-

That’s it for now! Thank you for reading/watching this, and have a great day/night. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)


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