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In the ranking of sweet breakfast dishes, French toast is always a winner. While syrup-soaked pancakes and waffles are great, a really good French toast knocks the rest out of the park. With National French Toast Day coming Nov. 28, it’s worth paying tribute to this brunch classic, so let your sweet tooth do the talking and check out the French toast at these seven spots.


405-286-4246 • 10909 N May Ave.

Hopscotch certainly has a knack for serving up those childhood favorites. Their French toast is made the classic way with all the fixins that, well, bring out the kid in you — two slices of brioche topped with all the good stuff like a pudding glaze, fresh berries and whipped cream. It even comes with perfectly crisp potato puffs that add a bit more of a savory twist.

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405-286-2974 • 13230 Pawnee Drive

Forget waiting for brunch, at Hatch you can find a delightful French toast and an array of other delicious breakfast items seven days a week. Their French toast features soaked brioche with a cream cheese anglaise, topped with fresh berries and finished with powdered sugar and warm syrup for a super sweet treat.

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Sunnyside Diner - PHOTO PROVIDED

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  • Sunnyside Diner

Sunnyside Diner

405-703-0011 • 824 SW 89th St.

At Sunnyside, you can go classic or get a little fancy. The classic is reminiscent of what grandma would make — thick wedges of brioche French toast with butter, syrup and a bit of powdered sugar. If you’re feeling fruity, go for the Specialty French Toast which is piled with toppings and whipped cream in flavors like strawberry Nutella, lemon blueberry and raspberry cream cheese.

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405-601-1354 • 1501 NW 23rd St.

Syrup has become a popular spot for breakfast and brunch serving up delicious coffee and a thoughtfully curated menu. Here you’ll find a unique version of French toast worth stopping in for — the Crunchy French Toast features cornflake-dipped challah bread, topped with strawberries and powdered sugar for a divinely sweet breakfast treat.

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Harvey Bakery - PHOTO PROVIDED

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  • Harvey Bakery

Harvey Bakery & Kitchen

405-898-8811 • 301 NW 13th St. STE 100

The Harvey features an incredible assortment of pastries as well as sandwiches and salads, but you came here for the French toast. You’ll have to wait for the weekend, but their brunch menu features a baked French toast with berries and whipped cream then served with slab bacon. It seems simple enough, but it’s absolutely divine.

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Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co. - PHOTO PROVIDED

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  • Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co.

Hunny Bunny Biscuit Co.

405-605-4395 • 429 NW 23rd St.

Hunny Bunny has made a name for itself making delicious meals all with a biscuit base including biscuit sandwiches, classic biscuits and gravy and more. That said, you won’t find your traditional French toast here. Instead their version features warm, fluffy, made-from-scratch biscuits topped with maple syrup, whipped cream, candied pecans, fresh berries and powdered sugar.

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405-609-1960 • 1704 NW 16th St.

At Aurora, you’ll find an incredible made-from-scratch menu you can enjoy in a stylish and comfortable atmosphere nestled in the heart of the Plaza District. Their French toast is simple but delicious and made the classic way then topped with fresh berries and thick whipped cream. Add your choice of protein on the side for a filling brunch.

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