LIVE: The Menendez Brothers Trial (Ep. 6) | CLASSIC TRIALS


Join us on a journey back to 1993 as we live stream the entire trial of CA v. Menendez Brothers in weekly segments. In this episode, we’re watching and commenting on testimony by more trial witnesses: Perry Berman (Erik’s former tennis coach) and Craig Cignarelli (Erik’s best friend).

In 1989, Jose and Kitty Menendez were killed in their Beverly Hills home. They died of shotgun wounds. In 1990, their two sons, Erik and Lyle, were arrested for the murder of their parents after Erik confessed to killing their parents in a session with his psychologist. The prosecution framed their motive as a desire to inherit the $14M estate from their parents. The defense claimed self-defense and a desperate attempt to escape family violence and SA.

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