MASSIVE MILE WIDE TORNADO Heading for Oklahoma City Metro !!!


Incredible mile wide tornado causes EF3 damage near Oklahoma City and incredible close footage of a stationary tornado near New Castle. for licensing contact
At 1:25 PM a tornado watch was issued and by 2:50 PM, a small isolated thunderstorm was already producing several funnel clouds 60 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.
Powerful positive lightning activity was increasing near a classic merry-go-round base and a tight tornado briefly twisted to the ground. The storm was intensifying and the broader picture revealed a loaded gun scenario with Oklahoma City in its cross heirs.


The tornado cyclone circumference was expanding and funnels were writhing inside its curtains like a cage full of snakes

The RFD or Rear Flank Downdraft is a key mechanism in the formation of tornadoes in supercells and may include intense wind, rain and hail surging from the backside of the storm.

When storm chasers see strong wind and rain recirculating back into a developing tornado, they know it means trouble.

In this video a classic scenario of a powerful rear flank downdraft obscures an intensifying tornado in seconds. Unfortunately many people drive through RFD walls of rain only to meet their demise on the other side.

Strong RFD’s can blow out windows and overturn vehicles. Large tornadoes can and often do change direction so driving through a powerful, blinding Rear flank Downdraft is a highly dangerous gamble even for veteran storm chasers.

A mile wide tornado causing EF3 damage struck Bridge Creek Oklahoma, a small suburb less than 15 miles from heavily populated Norman.

Another unrated tornado developed near New Castle Oklahoma and remained stationary for several minutes before quickly dissipating, then the parent storm moved into Norman. The police were shut down streets and interstates while the city prepared for the worst.

A confirmed EF1 tornado damaged west Norman. This storm would drop a couple more weak tornadoes in the Oklahoma City Metro area before transitioning into a high precipitation mess causing flooding. The Bridge Creek EF3 tornado tracked over 10 miles before stalling prior to entering a heavily populated area. Oklahoma City Metro dodged another bullet and could exhale in relief… but not for long… A new tornadic supercell would fire to the southwest and train over the previous storms path. It would enter Oklahoma City after dark and drop a destructive EF3 tornado injuring 12 people.


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