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The city of Tulsa in the US state of Oklahoma is looking for remote workers and the administration here will also give you a grant of 10 thousand dollars (ie more than 17 lakh Pakistani rupees) when you move to the city.
The city will also provide you with free desk space and access to networking events.
Bemadji, a city of 14,000 people, is also looking for remote workers.
In this city you will be given 2500 dollars (over 4 lakh Pakistani rupees) for expenses and a comfortable working place.
If you live in this state for a whole year, you will be given around 1600 dollars (more than two and a half lakh Pakistani rupees).
If you want to move to the US state of Vermont, here under the remote worker grant scheme, $10,000 (more than 1.7 million Pakistani rupees) is given after two years.
To resettle his town, Ponga, Austrias is offering 3,000 euros (about 6 lakh Pakistani rupees) to help families settle.
It is also giving an additional 3,000 euros (about 6 lakh Pakistani rupees) for every child born in the city.
The Spanish town of Rubia offers you 100-150 euros (about 30 thousand Pakistani rupees) per month to increase your income.

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