Racism, retaliation draws HUD scrutiny to Oklahoma apartment building


The Cimarron Tower apartments, formerly the Cushing Hotel, in downtown Cushing. File photo

Neighbors harassed a white woman and her Black boyfriend in Cushing for their biracial relationship, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the federal agency says the apartment complex where they were living broke the law when it didn’t take their complaints seriously and then evicted them in retaliation for reporting the abuse.

HUD said it found Cimarron Tower out of compliance with the Fair Housing Act. The current management company said the violations occurred in 2016, before it took over, and that it has cooperated with HUD’s investigation and would continue to do so.

Cimarron Tower provides apartments for the elderly and disabled. It receives federal funding including Section 8 rental assistance.

HUD said it would “seek remedial relief for the complainants and public interest relief through changes to policies and procedures” a voluntary compliance agreement “to make the complainant whole and eliminate discriminatory practices.”

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