Strain Review: Gelato Cake | The High Culture | Oklahoma City


Strain name: Gelato Cake

Grown by: D-Luxe Farms

Acquired from: D-Luxe Dispensary (Classen)

Date acquired: Nov. 9

Physical traits: frosted light green and orange

Bouquet: gassy and citrusy

Review: Formerly The Classen Collective, the dispensary rebranded under the D-Luxe umbrella earlier this year. Selected the Gelato Cake from the house grow, which uses Korean Natural Farming techniques. KNF relies on microorganisms instead of herbicides and pesticides to cultivate organic cannabis. This flower hits the nose with a gassy aroma before producing a rich smoke, ripe with hints of citrus. This indica leaning strain produces more of a lighter feeling—its effects are relaxing but not too heady so you can definitely go about your errands and tasks. It will make the perfect sidekick for all those ‘safety meetings’ you might need to take while getting through the fanfare of the holidays.

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