Texas Oklahoma scary tornado outbreak March 2022 update!


Breaking News Now coming out of Texas and Oklahoma.

Ferocious tornadoes ripped through central Texas and Oklahoma on Monday, uprooting trees, damaging homes and shutting down highways and airports. The tornadoes have been caused by a strong storm system that meteorologists said could continue for a few days.

Images of destroyed homes and debris littered on streets have flooded social media. PowerOutage.us, which collects data from utilities across the United States, said more than 45,000 people were left without power.
Reports of tornadoes emerged from Texas towns of Jacksboro, Luling, and Round Rock, as well as Kingston in Oklahoma.

The National Weather System (NWS) in the US has warned that the storm system is capable of producing more tornadoes.
The videos being circulated on social media show a truck caught in the tornado spinning on its side, then flipping and finally landing on its wheels. The driver then takes it away from the twister.

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