Russia largely abandons battalion tactical groups in Ukraine as weaknesses revealed


But several weaknesses in the concept have been revealed during the “high intensity, large-scale combat” of the war in Ukraine, the ministry said.

They criticised Russia’s distribution of its artillery, saying a lack of concentrated firepower has become a hindrance to the army.

“Decentralised distribution of artillery has not allowed Russia to fully leverage its advantage in numbers of guns; and few BTG commanders have been empowered to flexibly exploit opportunities in the way the BTG model was designed to promote,” the MoD said. 

The MoD also singled out the “relatively small allocation of combat infantry” in the system, which “has often proved insufficient”.

The tactical units have been described as “one of the most important determinants of victory” by experts. 

“Only these units, in cooperation with other branches of arms and other military services, can perform the full spectrum of defensive and offensive tasks,” the Royal United Services Institute said.

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