CLOSE COMBAT: WW2 Private Defends Staircase with Grease Gun


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Lockered “Bud” Gahs was drafted into service in 1943. He would join the esteemed 42nd Infantry Division, famously known as the “Rainbow Division”. Initially serving as a truck driver, he would be sent to France in 1944, along with the rest of the 42nd Rainbow men, to face the German counteroffensive near Strausburg.

On January 25, 1945 Gahs and his unit took up defensive positions in the town of Schweghausen. Gahs, along with a few other men occupied a two-story building where they repelled an onslaught of German soldiers trying to overrun the position. For his actions on that day Gahs would be awarded the Bronze Star.

Interview recorded on November 5, 2022

Video Credits:
Interviewer – Greg Corombos
Director of Photography – Jon Hambacker

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