This development in the NBA draft is HUGE for the Oklahoma City thunder!


OKC/NBA Podcast:

The Oklahoma City thunder are most likely going to take Chet Holmgren In the 2022 NBA draft, however there lighter lottery pick, number 12 is more up in the air in terms of who is going to be selected with that pick. One name that has come up recently with a stock falling possibly, is Shaedon Sharpe. He is most definitely the most intriguing prospect in the draft, not playing a single game of college basketball at the University of Kentucky. He was the number one recruit in his class in high school but he’s not played a single college game. This makes some NBA teams extremely iffy on whether to take him or not. Recent reports of suggested that his top landing spot that he desires to Landon is the Oklahoma City thunder. This is the second prospect that has been reported as really wanting to come to Oklahoma City, which is absolutely huge for the organization! In this video, I talk about why it’s so big for the organization.


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