Cop threatens arrest and assault for not walking on sidewalk, then it gets worse. | PAR


Police brutality and racial profiling are not uncommon in the city of Shawnee, OK—a place where multiple Indigenous nations were forcibly relocated to during the 19th century. Shawnee today has a high population of Indigenous and Latine residents, and one woman, Jeanine R, recently caught the outrageous behavior of local police on video in an encounter she had with them while walking along the road with her grandson. Despite no sidewalk being available, Shawnee cop Anthony Starkey threatened Mrs. Jeanine with arrest and assault for failing to walk on a sidewalk, and for not having her ID on her. This sort of aggressive behavior from law enforcement towards Indigenous and Latine people such as herself is not uncommon, Mrs. Jeanine asserts. Police Accountability Report investigates.

Preproduction, editing: Stephen Janis
Post Production: Stephen Janis and Adam Coley

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