On Cloudeclipse, Tommy Bahama, Swifties Gone Wild | The Drop Podcast E208


Some of us went on a bougie vacation to the islands last week, others ran 90 miles (you can probably guess which ones). Thomas makes us jealous with his tales of the Caribbean life, Robbe gets out his pent-up frustrations on the ubiquity of Taylor Swift in all aspects of life, and Meg just wants to listen to country music in peace. We also talk about the On Cloudeclipse, a shoe in which Meg has already logged 100 miles.

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00:00 Intro
01:50 Real Intro
03:02 Thomas Bahama Trip Recap
23:20 Betting at Casinos
30:20 Revisiting NYC
31:30 Meg and Robbe’s Running
42:54 Meg’s wild water bottle story
47:35 Rats and Swifties
1:02:18 Winter GRIT
1:09:40 On Cloudeclipse

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