Hiker walks every street in Manhattan, covering 640 miles – NBC New York


New Yorkers walk a lot — but how many streets have most city residents actually strolled down?

Well, one woman has now officially walked ever single one of them in Manhattan.

Maya Gonzalez Berry is an avid hiker and began her quest to step foot on all of the borough’s many, many streets in Oct. 2018. Each morning, Berry would set out from her apartment with a fitness tracker, a water bottle and a snack.

When she returned home, she would trace the completed streets on a paper map with a black Sharpie.

Berry paused her project during the pandemic, but continued her regular walks to run errands. And she was never deterred by the weather, walking in rain, wind, snow or sunshine.

“There’s always that hustle and bustle, but there’s another side of New York once you get off that beaten path. And just seeing all the faces of it — the architecture, really looking at all the details of buildings and finding little gems that you wouldn’t know,” said Berry.

Berry finished her missing to walk on every Manhattan street in December, totaling 640 miles.


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