• What is the Meat and Fruit Diet?

    Many carnivores have begun adding fruit into their animal-based diets, transitioning from a carnivore diet to a meat and fruit diet. This is one of the most common diets I get asked about, in fact—is the meat and fruit diet a good idea? Does it make sense to add fruit to your meat? Is there anything absent from the strict…

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  • New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 249

    Research of the Week Scythians made leather out of their enemies’ skin. 5 liters of alkaline water a day is too much. Dialysis patients with lower potassium and magnesium levels have higher mortality. Neanderthals were morning people. Caffeine gum increases deadlift. New Primal Kitchen Podcasts Primal Kitchen Podcast: Get to Know Your Inner Parts with Richard Schwartz, PhD Primal Health…

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  • What Does Pre-Workout Do? | Mark’s Daily Apple

    Pre-workouts are supplements or combinations of supplements, often in powder form, that you take before a workout session in order to improve your performance and boost training adaptations. As fitness culture has exploded and grown by leaps and bounds, so have the available pre-workout products that promise to boost your workout performance. Some of the things that pre-workouts claim to…

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